Gene Steratore


 My Wife and I Freezing in Minnesota

My Wife and I Freezing in Minnesota


About Me

Hi, my name is Gene Steratore. I am passionate, driven and proven in providing accessible, productive solutions. The highlights of my professional career are in identifying needs for the teams I have worked on and delivering usable utilities that are streamlined and focused on the end-user's goals.

Solutions should be smart, human-centered and consistent in pursuance of maximum usability. This is how I have always thought, and in 2017 I acted by enrolling in a UX Master's Program. I have completed the below courses thus far:

User Experience Design - Principles and Concepts
User Experience Design - In Practice
Information Technologies
Knowledge Organization Structures
Usability I

What I Do

Web Design

Part of my past role as an eCommerce Coordinator at Dick's Sporting Goods is managing a web dashboard that I created in April 2017.


In addition to working full-time in eCommerce, I am also pursuing an MS in User Experience Design. I have earned the highest grade in each of the four courses I have completed. On average per week, I have between 3 and 4 assignments and dedicate roughly 12 - 20 hours on school work.


A large part of my day job is identifying needs on our team for productive solutions. This usually comes in the form of process automation, such as Macro-writing in Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Office

I am highly skilled in creating helpful, easy to understand documents in the entire Microsoft Office Suite. My career began in IT in 2013, where I wrote hundreds of technical documents.