Graduate Projects


Master’s Project Examples

In the Fall of 2017, I enrolled in a Master’s Program focused on User Experience Design at Kent State University. Below are a few examples of projects that I have completed in the past 2 years.


Google Doodle Archive

This project defines a reimagining of how the Google Doodle Archive (GDA) will categorize its illustrations. With this newly proposed taxonomic structure, usability will be significantly improved and discovery for end-users, as well as developers, will be enhanced. This taxonomy re-design serves as the foundation for a future visual application of a structure that is based largely on the subject matter of the Google Doodles.


Social Media’s Impact on the News Cycle

Social Media is damaging how Americans receive news in 2018. This project will explore the “how and why” and leave the viewer with the proper information to determine the path to change.


Papa John’s Usability Testing

Papa John’s needs to do a better job of meeting and understanding user expectations when it comes to their online ordering platform.

To solve this problem, I implored usability tests with multiple users who have ordered pizza online before. The results of these findings were used as a basis for any recommendations noted.

The research conducted centered on task completion usability, as the majority of traffic on Papa John’s website consist of task-positive users.